Very Young Learners (4-6 years old)

We’re aware that very young children have very short attention spans. Are classes for this age group are designed to keep them engaged and attentive during the entire class. We change activities approximately every 20 minutes, alternating between art projects, songs, active games, educational play and book work. Children are introduced to everyday vocabulary and sentence formation, with a heavy emphasis on oral production.

Tuition: 2600 dh/session or 4800/academic year.

Young Learners (7-11 years)

Our classes for young learners are largely focused on fun, project-based learning and creativity!  Weekly classes are 2.5 hours long, allowing plenty of time for games, songs, book work and projects.

Through integrated project-based learning, our Young Learners learn by actively engaging in real-world, meaningful projects. They are able to develop deep  knowledge in specific areas, as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

Our yard gives us lots of space to do outdoor activities, play games, move our bodies, or just do classwork outside.

Tuition: 2600 dh/session.